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Work Injury Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA

A work injury is an injury to an employee’s health at work that occurs when an accident occurs. In the case of a work-related injury, an investigation is mandatory, during which the fault of either the employee or the employer in what happened can be established.

In the event of a work injury or occupational disease due to the fault of the enterprise, the employee has the right not only to one-time assistance and recourse but also to the recovery of non-pecuniary damage from the enterprise.


The amount of moral damage is not limited by law. Therefore, if you or someone close to you has suffered a work injury or “earned” an occupational disease, our experienced lawyers will help you recover the number of moral damages caused by the health injury through the court.

Also, often when an employee receives a work injury, the management of the company tries to hide the accident or register the injury as non-work in order to reduce costs and improve statistics.


In this case, a person is deprived of the legal right to one-time assistance, recourse and recovery of moral damages from the enterprise.

Our lawyer will help establish the truth in court and oblige the company to properly investigate the accident at work.


In recovering moral and material damages as a result of receiving a work injury, much depends on a competently drafted statement of claim. After all, the formulated requirements, as well as their further satisfaction, will depend on the lawsuit’s content.


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