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Mount Vernon, WA Wrongful Death Lawyer

Choosing a good lawyer – especially for wrongful death – is a serious and often vital task. To avoid being mistaken, pay attention to a number of important criteria, following the advice of experts.

What to look for when choosing a lawyer

Work style

Practicing lawyers, regardless of their specialization, can be conditionally divided into two groups: lawyers practicing “quietly” and those who, in the process of providing legal assistance to a client, arrange a “circus.”

What is meant? Some lawyers, accompanying, for example, a divorce process, make a show out of it, involving the media and social networks. The purpose of such “noise” is different for each lawyer. Someone in this way gives publicity to the trial, someone tries to present their procedural opponent in a negative light, and someone builds their personal PR on this. Lawyers who practice “quietly” simply do their job in accordance with the procedural law.

Of course, any technique will find its customers. You just have to choose yours. Mentioning the name of your defender in the media and social networks will help you figure out what style he adheres to.


Success is also a criterion for choosing a lawyer. It is quite difficult to entrust your fate, assets, or just personal information to a lawyer who, by outward signs, does not inspire confidence. A lawyer’s appearance, lifestyle and social status will definitely help a person seeking legal protection to make a choice.


It is not always possible and not for everyone to determine the level of competence of a lawyer. Here you will have to evaluate the lawyer based on the specifics of the cases that the lawyer conducts.

One of the best wrongful death lawyers in Mount Vernon

Kevin Conner Law Office provides trusted legal services in Washington. If you need a wrongful death lawyer, you want to know that the attorney you choose will be attentive and focused on your case. At Kevin Conner Law Office, the staff treats each client like an individual instead of a case number. Kevin literally gives his cell phone number to every client. He always tells clients that he works for them.


The staff in Kevin Conner Law Office always takes the time to get to know each client and fully understands the details of each client’s situation, which allows them to present the most effective case possible.

In addition to working as a private attorney, Mr. Conner has acted as a Tribal Prosecutor, Tribal Judge, and as a College Professor and Paralegal instructor. Kevin is a strong believer in bringing honor to the legal profession by conducting himself with integrity and by earnestly advocating for his clients in negotiations and in the courtroom. He is proud of being admitted into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, but even more gratified with the wonderful relationships he has with his clients.