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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA

Kevin Conner Law Office can provide you with the best motorcycle accidents lawyer in Mount Vernon. We guarantee high-quality services at a reasonable price. Our team completes tasks in the shortest possible time with a guaranteed result. 

Our legal advice includes:

  • qualified legal opinion of a specialized specialist on specific issues of the client;
  • pre-agreed cost of consultation;
  • in the case of rendering services based on the results of the consultation, its cost is included in the total amount of remuneration for the services rendered;
  • provision by the client of available documents to analyze the situation, which can be provided in any convenient way – by e-mail or through any of the messengers;
  • the possibility of a subsequent free explanation and clarification on the answers provided in the framework of this consultation;
  • practical advice and recommendations for resolving a particular issue.

To date, no one is immune from traffic accidents, even the most experienced drivers. And, you see, there is little pleasure in them, both for the victim and for the guilty party. At a minimum, there is a need for compensation for damages and, at a maximum – bringing the driver to criminal responsibility.


The result of resolving the situation largely depends on the completion and correctness of the paperwork, the definition of accident schemes, and the participants’ explanations. Often, the help of a lawyer when communicating with the insurance service and law enforcement agencies is crucial.

What does Kevin Conner Law Office's accident legal advice include?

  1. Assessment by a lawyer of the current situation
  2. Explanations of the rules of the road
  3. Tips on the application of legislative norms, on paperwork
  4. Determining the direction of solving the problem
  5. Recommendations regarding the state bodies to which one should contact in a given situation
  6. Explanations regarding actions or inactions in a given situation

In some cases, if necessary, a lawyer can offer paid services, for example, paperwork, filing claims, etc. Their order is at the discretion of the client. However, sometimes by paying a small amount, you can save more or avoid major problems.

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