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Car Accidents Lawyer in Mount Vernon, WA

Unfortunately, road accidents happen every day in the world. We advise you to contact a lawyer immediately if you are involved in a car accident. Kevin Conner Law Office will help you deal with any difficult situation that may arise on the road.

Traveling by car provides comfort, convenience, and flexibility but is also associated with the risk of car accidents. The consequence, as a rule, is the clarification of the circumstances of the occurrence of an accident: the definition of the culprit and the victim and disputes over compensation for damage to the insurance company. 

It is quite difficult to sort out such issues on your own, so you need the services of a lawyer. An accident lawyer provides assistance in collecting evidence of guilt/innocence and compensation for damage and is engaged in representing the client in court.

Compensation for damage after an accident

The question of reimbursement of expenses incurred quite often arises among motorists after accidents. According to the rules of compulsory automobile insurance, the loss is returned to the injured party upon admission of guilt or by a court decision.

In the event that an accident involves administrative or criminal offenses, part of the amount is compensated by the insurance company. The other part is the culprit of the accident. If one of the parties applies to the court, it is recommended to find a good lawyer. Qualified legal assistance is necessary for both participants in an accident in which material losses were inflicted and even more so if people were injured.

Kevin Conner Law Office, with many years of experience, can be a great help in dealing with cases related to car accidents.

Our services may include the following:

  • conducting an oral consultation;
  • documentation analysis;
  • preparation and submission of documents to the insurer company;
  • representation of the client in out-of-court negotiations;
  • drawing up a statement of claim for damages by the culprit or his insurance company;
  • drawing up applications for securing a claim; 
  • participation in court hearings.

If you have become involved in a car accident and you need high-quality and qualified assistance, please contact us! We will gladly help you!